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​​Are you interested in trying our cheese?

  • Come see us and try a sample at the Lander Valley Farmers Market at Lander City Park from 9 - 11:30, June 1 - October 12

  • Join our email list and get exclusive access to our products! Each week we email you a list of our available products and ask that you order by the following Thursday so we can make all of our cheese fresh to order and can arrange pickup or delivery.  Sing up for our weekly email list here.
  • We also take special orders for gifts, weddings, or private events.


For prices and product availability, e-mail us at

We sell on a first come/first serve basis, so act fast if there is something you can’t live without. We have a tendency to sell out each week. Our cheese availability changes with the seasons and as aged cheese come to maturity.  Check our email each week or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the new and exciting cheese we are making.

Here is a list of some of our favorites!


Creamy goat milk cheese available in the following flavors: Plain, Garlic, Roasted Green Chili, Green Onion, Chives, Caraway, Black Pepper, Sage, or Lemon Mint.

Addiction (formally know as Boursin)

Creamy goat milk cheese mixed with cows butter and 7 different herbs. Its amazing on steak or in mash potatoes

Chocolate Chevre Truffles

These irresistible truffles are made from our best Chevre, mixed with delectable dark chocolate, dipped in more dark chocolate, and topped with black Hawaiian sea salt. 


Goat milk cheese aged in oils and Herbs de Provence. Best enjoyed with crackers and your favorite wine.  Leave the jar out on your counter for a few minutes so the oil will clarify.  Cover with more olive oil as needed to keep cheese covered. 


A St. Marcelli style mold ripened goat milk cheese aged in a mason jar.  Best enjoyed with your favorite wine and some good crackers


A creamier, Bulgarian, goat milk Feta stored in brine, perfect for salads.

Goat Milk Yogurt

Tangy, goat milk yogurt perfect for breakfast

Black Mountain

A 4 - 6 week old mold ripened goat milk cheese covered in homemade local choke cherry ash.


Did you know you can grill cheese?  This young goat cheese from Cyprus can be put directly on a grill or fried in a pan.  It adds salt, crunchy, gooey, goodness to any meal.


Creamy, mild cows milk cheese great for sandwiches

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