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We raise ADGA registered purebred Nigerian Dwarfs and MDGA and TMGR registerable Mini - Nubians and Mini - Alpines

Priced as marked OBO

2022 Mini Doeling

2022 Mini Bucklings and Wethers

Ren's Vineyard $500

MDGA Registerable Mini-Nubian and ADGA Registerable Experimental Grade

50% Nubian/50% Nigerian

Born: 4/16/23

Available: Now as bottle Baby.  Weened mid June

Elk Hollow Ren PN2293633 x Magic Apple M Northern Lights D1969568

Cocoa's Brut $100

MDGA Registerable Mini-Nubian

75 % Nubian/25 % Nigerian

Born: 4/1/23

Available: Now

El Lomah Cocoa Bean XN07482 x Magic Apple M Northern Lights D1969568

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