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We moved to Saratoga, Wy

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Lyra and Louise

We are a micro dairy producing small batch, farmstead, artisan cheese. Our mission is to make authentic, wholesome, sustainably produced artisan cheeses to share with our community.

We believe high quality milk comes from happy and healthy animals. Our ladies enjoy open pasture, good clean spring water, and organically sourced grains.

We have been making cheese for over 8 years thanks to local dairy shares.  In 2015 we brought home our first 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats and fell in love with their personalities and their milk. Thanks to the encouragement from our customers, and the support of our community, we have expanded our little herd  to include a dairy cow, more goats, and 2 sheep that we milk twice a day.


We are able to share our delicious products with you thanks to The Wyoming Food Freedom Act, which allows local producers to sell homemade goods from their uncertified, uninspected, home kitchens directly to informed consumers.

We specialize in raw cheeses. We thermize our milk: a process where milk is heated to a temperature high enough to kill unwanted bacteria without destroying naturally good bacteria, enzymes, and proteins found in raw milk. Our cheeses have a richer, more complex flavor when the milks natural bacteria can thrive!

We strive to provide our community with unique specialty cheeses you can not normally find. We are thankful to share our love of animals and our passion for cheese with all of you!.

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