Nigerian Dwarfs are a small, lovable breed that produce the richest, sweetest milk of all dairy goats.  Its all about quality over quantity with these ladies.  Each goat produces only 1 or 2 quarts of milk a day.

Our Nubian herd is ADGA registered.  Our kids come from some of the top Nubian breeders in the country, bred from superior genetics for dairy and cheese production. 

Pedigrees include Goddard Farms, Windsong Farms, and 6m - galaxy.

Bitters the Billy Goat







Aggie - Unregistered Mini-nubian

Louise - Unregistered Mini-nubian

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Bitter's Registration

B's Registration

Mabel's Registration

Ember's Registration

Ashley's Registration

Snicker's Registration

Blossom's Registration

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